Referral Program

Refer a friend, AND RECEIVE a $50 eGift Card from YOUR CHOICE of over 180 retailers for in store or online purchases. With over 180 leading retailers represented, the eGift Card choices include cards for the worlds best-known brands  –  like Amazon®, Walmart®, Target®, Applebees®, Panera Bread®, Lowes®, Home Depot® and beyond. “All product and […]



Avoid Outlet Drafts

Some older homes The inside outlets located on the exterior can feel like an industrial vacuum when is sucking air from the inside to the outside. Electrical outlet boxes typically don’t have any insulation behind them, creating what is basically a hole in your wall. On a windy day take some incense or a match […]



Light Bulbs Then and Now

More than any other individual, Thomas Edison was credited with building the framework for modern technology and society in the age of electricity. In 1878, Thomas Edison began serious research into developing a practical incandescent lamp and on October 14, 1878, Edison filed his first patent application for “Improvement In Electric Lights”. However, he continued […]



Light Bulb Safety

The most common electrical fixture in homes are light bulbs, and proper light bulb safety can keep them from becoming a common electrical hazard. Use bulbs that have the correct wattage requirements for each fixture. Using a higher wattage bulb can cause the fixture to overheat so it is wise to consider switching to more a […]



Are Your Electrical Outlets and Service Safe?

Are Your Outlets Safe? Are switches or outlets working properly? Are switches and outlets warm to the touch? Is there discoloration on any of the switches, outlets or wall around that area? Do you hear crackling, sizzling or buzzing from these areas? Do plugs fit snug into the outlet? We use them every day. We […]



Electrical Outlets And Switches Leaking Air?

Why do switches and receptacles leak? Switches and receptacles themselves aren’t airtight. The holes you see in front (around the edges of the switch and right through the receptacle) are connected to holes in the back (where the wires plug are connected). These electrical devices sit inside an electrical junction box, so that connects air […]



Home Electrical Safety

Electrocutions and home fires can be prevented simply by understanding basic electrical safety principles and adhering to safe practices. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, electrical safety should be a top priority in your home.  The staggering number of electrically-related home fires, injuries and deaths that occur every year grows but awareness of […]



Never Take Electricity For Granted

You have seen a GFCI outlet, but what exactly is it? GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) safety outlet, is a type of outlet constantly monitors electricity flowing in a circuit, to sense any loss of current. This outlet will automatically disconnect power when a plugged in electrical device comes in contact with water or begins […]



High Efficiency Light Bulbs

A “Smart Bulb” or Wifi light bulb sounds crazy but since 2012, these little beauties have come a long way to make an eco-friendly smart home. Typically use about 25%-80% less energy than traditional incandescents, saving you money Can last 3-25 times longer.   Smart LED light bulbs come in a wide range of colors […]



Preparing An Emergency Kit For A Power Outage

Emergency Preparedness Kit : Flashlights with Extra Batteries Well Stocked First Aid Kit Warming Blankets Candles and Matches (or Lighter) — use these with caution because of a risk of fire Drinking Water (for three days) — plan on one gallon of water per person per day (this takes into account for drinking, washing, and […]



Common Fire Starters Around The Home

The National Fire Protection Association reported for 2015 that there were 388,000 home fires. Prevention is key for disaster. Knowing where the hazards are and educating young children to be aware of what can cause a fire is half the battle. Candles– Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire and […]



Electrical Safety In Your Home

Flipping a light switch. Plugging in a coffeemaker. Charging a laptop computer. These are second nature for most of us. Electricity makes our lives easier. However, we need to be cautious and keep safety in mind. Electrical failures or malfunctions were factors in an estimated 47,000 home structure fires reported to U.S. fire departments in […]