Frequently Asked Questions


How does a standby generator work?

The standby generator system’s advanced electronics continually monitor your home’s connection to local utility power. When utility power is disrupted, the system confirms that a true power outage has occurred and signals the standby generator to start. The system supplies backup power to your home within 30 seconds. When utility power is restored, the system automatically senses it, restores utility power, and resumes monitoring until the next utility failure.


What can I power with a standby generator?

A standby generator system can be set up to power your entire home during a blackout; it all depends on the unit you purchase. Smaller units can power your whole home by powering circuits on a priority basis. As your power demand goes up in certain areas of your home, other less important circuits will be automatically turned off. Call us at (570) 698-9696 and we will help you to evaluate your needs.


Do I need to start the generator frequently when it’s not being used?

No. Your generator is designed to run and perform a diagnostic for a short period of time on a regular basis so it will be ready when you need it.


How long does a generator installation take?

A standby generator installation can usually be completed in one day. In a typical installation, we take care of everything involved. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to schedule the gas hookup, but we are happy to assist with that as necessary.


What kind of ductless brands do you install/service?

We only install/service Mitsubishi and Daiken ductless mini splits at this time.


My generator has been running on its own and I am not experiencing an outage. What’s going on?

If your generator (any brand) is running while you have utility power for more than 20 mins, which may be its routine exercise cycle (see note below), please verify with your power company that you are not, in fact, experiencing an outage. After you are able to confirm, please call the service department at 570-698-9696 ext 3. for further assistance.
Please Note: Briggs and Stratton generators manufactured after mid-2019 are programmed to complete a semi-annual burn-off every September 1st and April 1st. It will run for 45 minutes to burn off any accumulated condensation.