Preventative Maintenance/Service

Like any investment – generators and ductless systems require maintenance to be certain that they will be ready to serve their purpose when the time comes. Regularly scheduled maintenance performed properly will give you the peace of mind you sought when you originally made your purchase.

While these lists may seem extensive, every part is important to ensure that your system will run correctly. If you wish to have it, a full-service report can be sent to you after your service has been completed.

Compare this list to the company currently providing your preventive maintenance to be sure that the job they do is worth the price tag. Improper maintenance can lead to failures at the worst possible moments, so be an informed consumer and ensure that your system will be ready to go when you need it most.

Proper preventative maintenance should include:

For Standby Generators

• Visual Inspection
• Check intake and exhaust for obstructions
• Check fault codes
• Check battery and charger
• Check oil level/condition and for leakage
• Check coolant level and condition (where applicable)
• Replace air filter
• Replace spark plugs
• Valve lash adjustment if required
• Manual start
• Verify the voltage and frequency output
• Adjust fuel regulator, check the venting
• Check and adjust engine speed
• Change oil using synthetic oil and replace the oil filter
• Transfer to generator power with a simulated power outage
• Transfer back to utility power

For Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

• Check wiring and tighten connections at the outdoor unit
• Check voltage supply and amperage draw from the outdoor unit
• Check connections at the outdoor unit for leaks/damage
• Inspect for refrigerant leaks
• Inspect and clean outdoor condenser coil and fan
• Straighten any damaged fins
• Inspect and repair exposed pipe insulation
• Wipe down the outdoor unit
• Inspect and change batteries in remote
• Inspect and clean filters
• Remove condensate pan and inspect/clean
• Inspect and clean blower wheel
• Clean, inspect and straighten fins on evaporator assembly
• Blow out condensate line and verify drainage
• Add algicide tablet to the condensate pan
• Clean and inspect louvers and cabinet
• Verify proper operation after re-assembly

What you can do year-round to make sure your generator runs properly:

• Keep bushes and grasses trimmed away from generators
• Be sure landscapers do not put mulch right up against the generator so as not to get mulch sucked into air intakes and block air flow
• In the fall, be sure that leaves are cleared away from the generator to avoid possibility of fire
• In the winter, be sure snow is not allowed to build up to a height that would cover the generator
• Never build any enclosures or covers over or around the generator that will affect airflow and cause overheating in summertime or impede the ability to service the generator

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