Preventative Maintenance

Mitsubishi Ductless Maintenance and Inspection Checklist

Outdoor Condenser Unit

• Check wiring and tighten connections at outdoor unit
• Check voltage supply and amp draw at outdoor unit [ ]volts [ ]amps
• Check connections at outdoor unit for leaks/damage
• Inspect for refrigerant leaks
• Inspect and clean outdoor condenser coil and fan
• Straighten any damaged fins
• Inspect and repair exposed pipe insulation
• Wipe down outdoor unit

Indoor Air Handler

• Inspect and change batteries in remote
• Inspect and clean filters
• Remove condensate pan and inspect/clean
• Inspect and clean blower wheel
• Inspect and straighten fins on evaporator assy
• Blow out condensate line and verify drainage
• Add algicide tablet to condensate pan
• Clean and inspect louvers and cabinet
• Verify proper operation after re-assembly