Electrical Outlets And Switches Leaking Air?

Why do switches and receptacles leak?

Switches and receptacles themselves aren’t airtight. The holes you see in front (around the edges of the switch and right through the receptacle) are connected to holes in the back (where the wires plug are connected). These electrical devices sit inside an electrical junction box, so that connects air in the house to air in the junction box.

How can air leakage be avoided?

Best practice is having an airtight junction box installed and/or use a cover that is mounted before installing the junction boxes. Without the cover put on wiring is, of course, easier, however air leakage is not considered.

In existing homes, a contractor can seal all those holes in the junction box with fire caulk. When the holes are sealed, the gap between the junction box and the drywall can be sealed as well as a better result to stop air leakage at your switches and receptacles.

Remember that DIY electrical upgrades or additions are not to be taken lightly. Call a licensed and insured electrical contractor for the smallest of jobs. Peace of mind that the job is done safely and correctly avoids disaster.

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