Why Generators Are Like Automobiles

You would not think of missing doing maintenance on your car would you? Well you may push it off but nonetheless if you want a car to run smoothly and keep the life extended you are certain to make time for your car expert to do the maintenance needed.

Question:Why are generators different?

When maintaining a generator the spark plugs, oil and air filter need to be changed. Of course the “do it your-self-er” would say to not spend the money on having a professional come in. But the professional WOULD say to have the PROFESSIONAL do it for you.

Ask the DIY person the following questions:
My generator is new and has a warranty, if I maintain my own unit will the warranty still hold up?
Do I have access to the exact filters, spark plugs and air filters?

These are important questions especially if your generator was installed by a professional. You could easily void a warranty by the manufacturer or the installer. Consult your dealer before doing any repairs or maintenance yourself.

You have invested in an automatic generator and the life of it depends on the maticulous care with it. Whether you have purchased from Rinker Generator or not we are always happy to help!

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