How We Keep Homes Safe

Main Service Breaker Box
We check that the service entry cables and breaker boxes are in good condition, and that the home is properly grounded, bonded and that all connections are tight.

Is your circuit breaker box properly labeled? Labeling helps to easily identify what circuits power each room in your home. This could be safety issue if you ever need to shut off a particular circuit quickly.

Circuit breakers that are frequently tripping indicate that the #circuit is overloaded or that other electrical hazards exist. We check .

AFCI circuit breakers replace standard circuit breakers and greatly reduce the risk of home electrical fires. If you are interested in having AFCI protection added to your home, ask for more information.


Surge protectors are recommended for all sensitive electronic devices. Whole house surge protection is a good idea in any home as a protection for pump motors, refrigerators and the like. If you are interested in having whole house surge protection added to your home, ask for more information.

#Smokedetectors save lives, they should be hard wired and interconnected, or at the very least 10 year lithium Ion battery type with RF wireless interconnection. We will check and make recommendations in this regard.
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