Do I Need To Upgrade My Electrical?

We constantly make upgrades to our homes through the years. Adding on rooms, upgrading appliances and technology advances may be taking a toll on your electrical panel. Here are a few things to think about:

  1. Does your breaker constantly trip?
  2. Do you findĀ fuses blow constantly?
  3. Are lights flickering when your large appliancesĀ or air conditioner kick on?
  4. Do your light bulbs burn out quickly?
  5. Are you adding an addition to your home?unspecifiedvbn928xe
  6. Do you need more outlets?
  7. Do you use several extension cords?
  8. Do you need a whole house surge protector?
  9. Is your panel full?
  10. Are you adding a big appliance like a new refrigerator or a heat pump?


If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it may be a warning sign that it is time to upgrade or replace your electrical panel. Upgrading your electrical panel helps to ensure the electrical system is equipped to meet your energy needs and protect your family and property.

BR Electric is a full service electrical contracting company serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the Northeastern PA area. Contact us today with any questions about electrical concerns in your home.

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