Teaching Children About Electrical Safety

Cell phones alone make electrical safety is one of the most important things to teach to your children from an early age. As adults, we can look back and remember that electrical outlets, toaster and lamps were really all we had to be mindful of. With all the electronics now, kids can be at risk for serious injury every day. Guidelines need to be established with children for proper care to be taken to avoid electrical dangers.


Young children need to be taught to stay away form outlets and cords altogether. Preventative measures such as socket covers should be used in every outlet reachable by a child. For older children, teaching them to never stick anything into an outlet including their own fingers to avoid shock is important. Guide a child how to plug and unplug an electrical cord and insisting never to put a cord near water or touch one that may land near it.


Teach kids about being safe with their electronics, such as music players, cell phones and household appliances. The most important thing is to emphasize that electrical items and water do not mix, as that is how people get electrocuted. Tell the kids they should never attempt to use anything electrical while in the shower, taking a bath or standing in water. Make sure that their hands are dry before reaching for the blow dryer. Young children should always ask an adult to use electrical equipment in the household, such as kitchen appliances. Do not allow the kids to use their computers near any beverages, as a spill could cause computer damage and there is a risk of being electrocuted.



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