What Generator is Right for Me?

Home Generator System

Whole House Generator

In the past, selecting a home generator system meant choosing between a smaller unit which would only power the barest essentials, some lights, some outlets, a refrigerator, maybe a well pump, or a much larger, more fuel hungry and costly unit. A Home Generator System by GE with the Symphony II Power Management System can provide a true whole-house solution.  This means that anywhere you go in your home you can turn on lights, use your television, vacuum.  Imagine even getting in your whirlpool bath tub to relax while the rest of your area sits in the dark.  Power outages in your area could be causing you problems as well.  The purpose of the Symphony II Power Management System is to allow your generator to know when you turn on to many high Energy items at the same time (vacuum, microwave, well or sump pumps) that would normally over load your generator, it recognizes this and will shed certain circuits in priority, such as a dishwasher, or hot water heater, even your AC until you are done using those items.  Then when the generator sees the power is available to turn back on it does this automatically.

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